Some new and entertaining friends

While in Ohio we got to meet several new and wonderful people, but as is with the case in my life they all are characters. One of the young men is in a wheelchair, which he has not let slow him down in the least. I would say the chair he uses is a racer's chair, but it would have to be an off road racer if you wanted to qualify it.

He might have one of the most pleasant dispositions I have ever encountered, and while being away from the 'rent makes it hard to distinguish, he actually stands out in this regard. So that is saying something. His arms are as big a tree trunks from hard work, the gym and generally getting from point A to point B on his chair. The reference of this young man will become apparent further into the story.

The last night while we were in Ohio, post racing, we went to hang out with our friends and visit while we could since we were leaving the next day. Apparently post racing up there they maintain a tradition. They have a aluminum bowl they set on a cinder block on the front lawn and pour methanol into it. This is then lit on fire to provide a Fire Pit atmosphere with cool blue flames (cool as in neat to look at not temperature obviously). This is referred to as "The Magic Wok". The premise of this tradition being, we are in his yard and sitting around the wok, we can consume and BS and all of the neighbors come and hang out, no harm no foul.

So as the night wears on and people have consumed and have decided to go about the detail of going off to bed, one of our new friends is hugging everyone goodbye. While this is no big deal to us, the spouse and I were stunned when he walked over to the young man in the wheelchair and hugs him so fiercely they fall backwards and dump the young man out of his chair. Everyone is laughing. He proceeds to get right back into the chair and everything is fine. Needless to say the spouse and I took a good count of ten to see the humor in the situation. In hind sight it is a humorous moment, and obviously from everyone else's reaction this was not the first time nor shall it be the last.

The moral of the story for us is never be surprised to be surprised. It is our cosmic magnetism that attracts odd occurrences. We just have to be prepared and laugh when presented with the weirdness........


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