Mental Surrogacy

In the current economical climate many of us find ourselves working within "Multi-Cultural" groups. I am not, nor can I afford to disparage this since I need to keep eating and paying my bills.

What I find fascinating and distressing, at least in my job, is that often my offshore counter parts are not remotely acquainted with the baseline of our business. Meaning they don't understand WHY we do what we do, or HOW our client's do things, so a total lack of understand leads to total apathy. At least that is the appearance that is presented. I am not assuming the ethnocentric idea that my country is the end all be all of earth. What I have issues with is if you are going to work for a company whose primary customer is a specific economy, perhaps you should have a basic grasp of how crap works in that country. I would expect that if I were to go to abroad for a job, I would have to have a basic understanding of their culture and at LEAST a passing understanding of what I am doing daily and why.
Maybe it is just me, but I would HAVE to know, in order to feel like I was actually contributing more than my pulse and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Having to deal with this lack of "Give a shit" is exhausting. I was not aware that I was going to be the entire mental capacity for a team of 7 people. I have one person who seems to be able to do the job without me giving  birth to the idea for their function each day, from my head. That leaves the other five one step away from needing help with dressing, feeding, taking air in and expelling it, etc.

I am now officially overwhelmed with their underwhelming performance. Between the laziness and the arrogance I am one nervous tick away from getting pepper sprayed for being...... well......  scary. The ability to employ my verbal filter seems to slip a bit more each day. I feel it is probably only a matter of time until I have a "fit" and say the wrong thing at the wrong time, to the wrong person. I have never been the soul of discretion as it is.

I promise this is a recipe for disaster in the making. I have all of these thoughts of ugly comments in my head and sooner or later the dam is going to bust.


  1. I have no filter anymore. "Oh, you're building a bunker w/your archive boxes." FUCKIN' A-RIGHT I AM! I HATE PEOPLE! And I've articulated this thusly. Sometimes it helps to unleash the verbal beast. Fear can be quite a motivator. And in the absence of motivation, it *CAN* be a great deterrent. See Also: Watch as much Parks & Recreation as you can stand (it's on Netflix instant view), and pay close attention to the philosophies of Ron Swanson.

    I not only want to fellate him, but also keep in home smoked meat stuffs, and have his mustachioed children. Then fellate him some more.

    Ron Swanson changed my life.


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