Random Dinner conversation with the 'Rent

Conversation over dinner with the family. (Numbers are only to birth order. All of my nieces are #1 in my heart)

Niece #3: "I want to go sky diving."
Niece #2: "Why?"
Niece #1: "I just saw on the news where someone went sky diving for the first time, with the person strapped to their back, the parachute did not deploy and they both died."
Niece #3" Never mind. I don't want to go sky diving."
'Rent: "<Niece #3's name> you could go on Fear Factor."
Sibling: "Mom! You watch Fear Factor?"
'Rent: "Sometimes."

At this point somehow the conversation devolved......

Me: "Yeah Mom, we could put you in the Geriatric Fear Factor. First Stunt, take off your Oxygen mask for 5 minutes."

No one could breathe, and the 'Rent did not speak to me for the remainder of the night. . . .

Me: "Are you really mad at me? You know I was joking, right?"
'Rent: "I will remember all of this."
Me: "Of that, I have no doubt."


  1. Brilliant!

    On a related note, perhaps the 'Rent should view this.


  2. No one could breathe for the laughing, right? Cuz that's some funny shit!

  3. Yes Bethany. thanks for clarifying. indeed.

  4. OMG... OMG ... OMG... .I can't breathe.. OMG.. OMG..


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