I still got the magic

So Sunday, we go to the big consumer home improvement store, because the decision has been made that having a front door completely made of glass that anyone can look in at any time makes one of us very uncomfortable. While there we find out that yes indeed we can get a glass insert with the mini blinds between the two panes of glass to replace what we currently have.
I also got to hear about two teenage male children.
Their sexual escapades with one partner *not at the same time, thanks for that detail.
The many pets that are owned.
The previous drug addiction that has been conquered.
The current living situation with the partner's parent who has dementia.

Yep. All of this while getting a door window replacement.



  1. There seems to be a distinction that must be made vis-a-vis "quality" vs "quali-tay" of customer service rendered. Was an emo haircut involved? Pasty white gothness? Inquiring minds need to know, did they also appear to be a dandruffphagist?

  2. Let us say, rode hard, put away wet. That is all I will say on the subject matter. I am not generally vain, but I am almost 10 years older than said person (and yes, I got that information too) and looked 15 years younger.......

  3. Speaking of TMI...that co-irker of mine, she-who-emailed-me-a-pic-of-her-morning-"make," somehow or another worked it into conversation on Friday she's (still) wearing paper underpants. Who says that openly? Srsly!


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