I wish to take my toys and go home now please?

Coming back from vacation is never easy.

When you take a whole week? It starts to feel like trying to swallow your own head, ain't gonna happen. You feel like you can't quite catch up. Information, that in your mind seems vital, you somehow seem to get left out of the loop so there is yet more catching up to do. AND THEN you get more items thrown in your general direction of which you have no ability and or time to handle. TA DAH!

I find myself thinking, "I took a vacation why?"

When you get back there are TWO TONS of Crap waiting and your thick outer coating of Protective Crap Deflection Material has disolved in the vacation solvent. You are then left treading crap, angry and wishing vacation either continued forever or never happened. Because quite frankly this total immersion back into this routine of dreck simply isn't worth it.

Self restraint is extremely fragile when you are in this state. I don't really believe that yelling random profanities at people is a good career move, and yet, I find myself barely able to hold them back. I was almost relaxed when I returned from sun and sand. Not so much now.

I wonder if I walked into a meeting and told them I am taking my toys from the sandbox and going home because I no longer wish to play in their septic soaked sand how quickly my desk would be emptied.

Some days it really sucks to be an adult. I wanna have a temper tantrum.


  1. Let me know when you're ready to start. I shall join you.


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