Random Calls from the 'Rent

While we were away on vacation, the 'rent took ill. It was probably nothing more than a summer cold, but let us review the facts......
The 'rent is older.
The 'rent is not in the best of health as a general rule.
The 'rent is on an oxygen concentrator.
The 'rent has had pneumonia in the last year.

Total of the facts equals the 'rent should NOT IGNORE A COMMON COLD and just hope it goes away like a normal, relatively healthy adult.
When she got sick, the sibling and I both voiced the concern that we should call her doctor and have a prescription called in, since we were only at the beach and not on the moon. Pharmacies even exist where we were. CLOSE BY EVEN. We were vetoed.
When we got home, on Saturday, BOTH the sibling and I told her she had to call the doctor's office on Monday morning. Oh no. This will pass.
By Wednesday she is coughing up a lung and FINALLY CALLS the doctor. They put her on heavy duty antibiotics. Alas, at this point the bug has been in residence, in her compromised system, for A WEEK.


AGAIN the sibling and I BOTH tell her to call the doctor. Nay, she needs to let the prescription work.

Last night she was feeling worse than bad, as in, apparently she had pain. In her chest. All night. From 11 PM until I don't know when.

Let me remind you here, dear reader, that my spouse and I work opposite schedules so she is virtually NEVER ALONE. She does not drive anymore, so how convenient that we are always with her. There is someone here with her 24/7. Granted my husband sleeps mornings but he is here. . . 50 feet from her perch. . . . sleeping under the same roof. . . . SLEEPING IN THE SAME BUILDING WITH HER. But I digress. . . .

FINALLY we call the doctor's office and <GASP> she is asked to come in.

I get a phone call at work at 8:30 AM. It goes like this.

Me: "Hi Mom, what's up?"
Mom: "I am going into XXX's office. I called them. I either have Pneumonia or a BLOOD CLOT."
Me: <blank face> "Um, ok? You know this how?"
Mom: "I was in pain all night, and when I called they said it was one or the other."
Me: "How are you getting there?"
Mom: "I will take a cab."
Me: <barely holding onto the sudden fury that grips me to the core> "<insert spouse name here> is home with you! He will take you."
Mom: "I don't want to wake him up."
Me: "Don't move, I will call him and get him up." <Please see note above about the damn same roof location!>

I hang up, and call my spouse over and over until he wakes up and what do you know, he takes her to the office.

I am left with several menacing thoughts on this. The primary driving thought though is, HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET TO A BLOOD CLOT FROM A COLD? Seriously.

 Who does that?

PS: It was bronchitis.. . . . She is going to live another day.


  1. I will now think of him as < insert spouse name here >.


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