tec-nickle de-few-calties

Me: "OK Mom, I loaded two series of books on your e-reader for you. I read them first so you have to reset them to the beginning and they are in alphabetical order not order to read in the series, so you have to look at the titles."
Mom: "OK, thank you."

24 hours later. . . .

Me: "Hey Mom, did you start reading those books I loaded for you?"
Mom: "Yes I am reading the one with <insert character name here>."
Me: "Um, that is book 6 or 7 in the end of the series. Did you not listen to what I said yesterday?"
Mom: "Well it was the first book in the list."
Me: "Let me reset that for you and put the first book at the top for now. They are still in alphabetical order so you are going to have to go to the cover and look at what it says."

Me (face plant into palm).


  1. Gotta love how specific our mom's technological "functional illiteracy" is. While my mom is still low tech, still reading paper books, she DOES use email and get her groceries delivered via Pea Pod; however, I set her up with a Paperback Swap account, which for some reason, she insists on forwarding the emails to me, rather than, yanno, READING the emails and following the directions (in re: books on her wishlist which are now available to order). I've always believed that if one knows how to READ they can do pretty much anything (cook a recipe, make a garment from a pattern, paint by numbers, etc). I now see the flaw in my logic: Common sense ain't all that common.


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