You vill play zee Dominoes and you vill LIKE EET!

So we are just settling down for a long evening of TV and no thinking. Counting dots while drinking? Not on the agenda.

Apparently the 'rent had other ideas.

As she lay passively on the chaise lounge, she said, "I guess we aren't playing dominoes."
Not once.
Not twice.
Not three times.

So being the strongly emotional and determined women we are, we all said. . .  OK.
While sitting at the table trying to do three things at once. . . . .
I keep hearing my name called to "your turn!", yes I am aware, believe it or not, I heard the domino hostage to the right of me put her play down on the glass top table.

In all fairness the 'rent has been stuck on the second floor of the house either looking at the ocean or reading. She can't get around so a little time dedicated to her should not be so begrudgingly given.

Some habits are hard to break. Being resentful of time spent with her is apparently one of mine. I should be more gracious, since we don't have kids, it will be strangers doing for me what my sibling and I do for her.

Wow, two more days left on vacation, and I finally seem to be getting in the spirit.


  1. I felt similarly, playing Uno on Saturday w/an uninvited third wheel (who, THANK THE UNIVERSE!, could not convince her parents to let her sleep over).

    Very valuable lesson learned attending AA meetings w/a friend: "Fake it to make it."


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